Advanced Services International Africa Ltd

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ADSI Africa’s primary focus is to provide competitive solutions to its customers without sacrificing quality or efficiency of the products and services at hand. With a commitment to ensuring the success of each project through ongoing support, customers can be confident that their business needs will not only be met, but exceeded.

ADSI Africa’s Business Solutions Strategy:

Advanced Services International Africa uses 3 key strategies to ensure success:

  1. ADSI Africa office accommodates the necessary personnel and infrastructure to assist customers in sales, consulting, and support of all projects
  2. A system is established to support local client's offices in the areas of marketing, sales, specialized consulting, and project management. Here, a Business Solutions          Specifications document (BSS) is developed and is aimed at defining the business solution through detailed planning sessions between ADSI Africa and the client.
  3. Consistent and direct support from technology partners to resolve issues and access new versions of software.

Currently, ADSI Africa has a full time staff of managerial, functional and technically experienced individuals who are able to provide training, which enables the customer to fully maximize the use of their software applications and supporting areas such as:

  • Process Consulting.
  • Implementation Consultancy and Project Management.
  •  Post-Implementation Support.
  • New versions.
  • Special projects.

ADSI Africa’s trusted experience and continued success in the financial sector can be verified by the increase in our customer base, as well as consistent support from our suppliers.

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